BlueThread partners share a common trait: an openness to learning. They realize the way they work isn’t the only path to get the job done. Successful leaders incorporate the knowledge of their peers—and this peer group is a great one.


Leadership Development

Our tight-knit group learns leadership from all angles, internal and external.

Knowledge Sharing

BlueThread has 100+ years of shared experience to guide best practices.

Safety Insights

OSHA consults, insights, directives, and hands-on help, whenever the leader needs it.

Forklift Driver

Leveraging AS ONE

BlueThread Services brings brand equity to the individual company level. We are able to use shared weight and tactics to leverage better prices, lead times, and resources.

Team Sharing

Teams are allocated to specific projects to suit a partner company's needs.

Buying Power

Group orders drive discounts and give priority purchasing for limited materials.

In-House Manufacturing

Shop capabilities allow for fewer outside buys and more in-house work.

Shared Back Office Functionality

Shared back office support allows for greater efficiencies.


Brynne SMith

Everyone has the ability to lead, whether starting out in the field, as a project manager, or as our CFO. That’s why we invest in our people with leadership development as well as workforce development. We are building a special company that we believe will transform commercial roofing services in the markets we serve. We already have a great group of companies and are excited about those we’ll be adding in the near future. If you are aligned with our vision, values and purpose; then we would love to connect.