Community Engagement



Turner Roofing
Turner Roofing & Habitat for Humanity

Turner Roofing was selected for the Green Country Habitat for Humanity's "2023 Jimmie Swindler Spirit Award!" Turner Roofing is dedicated to investing in their community, and are proud to be a longtime supporter of such an important local organization.

RoofCare's Philanthropic Roof Angel Project

The Roof Angel Project is an annual event in which RoofCare donates roof repairs to a non-profit in need. RoofCare is honored to be able to give back to the communities they live and work in and raise awareness for the organizations in the process.

BlueThread Services
Peak View Roofing & Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association

Peak View Roofing supports the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association (CSDSA) by participating in the annual Down Syndrome Walk to help raise funds and celebrate the amazing individuals in their community with Down Syndrome.

PEAK VIEW ROOFING & THE MILL National Training Center

Peak View Roofing works with the MiLL (Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab) to help provide unique opportunities and hands-on learning experiences to students of the Widefield School District 3 through roofing projects and education about the industry.